The Focus Microwaves Group has been known and appreciated for its excellent technical support backing up our systems worldwide. We are strictly committed to providing:

  • In-depth load pull and noise characterization training,
  • Online troubleshooting services,
  • Cost-effective and fast turnaround repair service,
  • Developing customized software options and instrument drivers
  • On site tuner maintenance, calibration and refurbishment

and much more.

We know well that accurate load pull and noise measurements are indefectibly, at least at the beginning, the result of a strong collaboration between Focus engineers and the engineers using our systems.
For this Focus offers personalized software and hardware maintenance and support contracts. These customized programs allow you to benefit from the accumulated experience of a team of 15 dedicated Focus engineers who will be available around the clock and can visit you on-site and assist at:

  • Getting the most from your equipment,
  • Train new users,
  • Develop new options and drivers