I have a Focus Cal Kit – What are the standard definitions?

June 12, 2024

VNA Calibration

Symptoms / Solutions: Focus systems use TRL Calibration standards (Thru-Reflect-Line) for VNA calibration.

Focus TRL Cal kit consists of three standards.

  1. Reflect: The reflect standard can be a short or open.

Focus systems use the short for the reflect standard. Focus Cal Kits consist of two offset/ direct shorts (1 male, 1 female) except in the APC 7 Kit where one direct short is used (Genderless connector family). An example standard definition for the short in APC 7 Cal kit is shown below.

For the 7/16 and the N type connectors, the short standards have certain delays which need to be specified during the standard definition. All the other connector families used by Focus have a zero delay for the short standards.

  1. Thru: A thru standard is established by directly connecting the male and female ports.

An example standard definition for the THRU in APC 7 Cal kit is shown below.

  • Delay Line: Focus calibration kits consist of one 50Ω line extension (Delay Line) with the delay value based on the connector family. This delay value will be used for the standard definition. An example standard definition for the delay line in APC 7 Cal kit is shown below.

The delay values for the 50Ω line extension of different connector families are given below;

Additional Information:

The TRL calibration kits of Focus Microwaves have been developed for making wideband coaxial calibrations and the choice of the kit is based on the targeted frequency range of operation.

Additional information on the Focus Cal Kits can be found in the Calkit manual in \Focus Microwaves\Load Pull Explorer\Manuals

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