When I start my software – there is a message saying no license

June 12, 2024


Symptoms / Solutions:

When the FDCS software is started there is an error message informing of no license.

There could be a couple of reasons that might generate this message:

  • No hard-key inserted to the computer.
  • No trial code, in the case where a hard-key is not used.
  • The license is expired in case of a trial license.
  • The installed software version does not correspond to the version on the license.
  • Hard-key USB drivers are not installed on your computer. Only applies to older generation of hard-keys (green). See additional information below.
  • Trial code used on wrong computer. Trial codes are computer specific.
  • Computer date changed to an earlier date.
  • USB plug used with the hard-key is not working.
  • Hard-key is damaged.


If the error appears, please contact our support at software@focus-microwaves.com. You might be asked to generate a diagnosis file on the computer which is used with Focus software, and sent to us for analysis.

Additional Information:

Example of Focus hard-key:

Current hard-key (white)

Older generation of hard-key (green)


Example of Trial Code (74 character string):


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Last date modified: 17/03/2017