How to convert load pull data acquired from FDCS to ADS/AWR compatible format

May 21, 2024


FDCS contains a file converter for lpd, lpc, sat, satwave, lpcwave and lpwave file formats to convert to the mdif format that can be imported in the Keysight’s ADS software or NI AWR Microwave Office.

Once the measurements are saved using Focus Device Characterization Suite (FDCS), go to the Utilities Menu and select File Converter

The File Converter will open as a separate window as shown below.

Browse to the location of the FDCS measurement file as shown below. Select the measurement file and press Open.

Select the respective CAD Format (ADS or AWR) from the dropdown combobox as shown.

The converter will expect certain parameters to be measured and a warning will appear if there are any missing parameters. This is because the CAD software will be expecting these measurements in the file.

Pressing Convert will save the mdif/mdf file with same name as the measurement file. Convert As allows the user to select a custom filename and file location.

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Last date modified: May 31, 2018