How can a user load previously saved noise measurements and new ones

June 12, 2024


Background:  When noise measurements are performed via noise Auto-Test the system performs an impedance sweep and measures the noise figure and corresponding input matching condition (Gamma-Source) for the DUT at every calibrated frequency.  These measurements are then used to extract the noise parameters based on the measurement data.  This extraction uses the settings previously defined in the Auto-Test configuration dialog.

Symptoms: Sometimes the user may wish to re-perform the extraction with different settings for comparison or diagnostic purposes.

Solution:  To re-perform the noise extraction after the initial measurements the user should first save the original raw measurement data.  This can be done by saving the raw data (.csv format) in the Measurement Pane as depicted below.  Alternatively, a back-up of the raw data is automatically created in the same directory as the extracted noise results (eg: results.npar and results_xxxx.csv).

Once this is done, the user can (at any later time) reload the same noise data again using the Measurement Pane (as depicted above).  Once this is done, the user can then use the Extract Noise button (depicted below) to perform a separate noise extraction with the originally measured data.  Note: The original noise project (.nciproj, .ncoproj, or .nhcproj) should be loaded when reloading and re-extracting.

Keywords: Noise, Extraction, Auto-test, noise parameters

Last date modified:  April 28th 2017