Due to the asymmetry in the time constants associated with capture and release of charges in “traps,” in GaN devices, a conventional pulsed characterization is not sufficient in order to keep both the thermal and trapping states fixed. To keep the trap state constant for a conventional PIV characterization a tri-state control of the standard pulses is developed where both at the gate and drain side a third state is excited just before the main pulse which acts as a pre-pulse.


Features & Benefits

Traditional Pulsed IV systems are comprised of two pairs of power supplies used for the Quiescent and Non Quiescent states. Focus now offers a new TRI-State pulse system which includes a third pair of power supplies allowing the user to create a Pre-Pulse state.

Nonlinear charge trapping effects have puzzled designers for years and the standard two state pulse systems are insufficient to fully characterize memory effects for the GaN FETs.

Focus’ TRI-State Pulsed IV system offers not only an efficient isothermal measurement condition, but also allows the user to control and characterize various charge trapping states.

  • 3 Measurement States; Quiescent (OFF-State), Non Quiescent (ON-State), and Pre-State
    • The Pre State is a short high voltage state used to activate the traps in the semiconductor.
  • Adjustable delay (Δt) between the Pre state and Non Quiescent state down to 0s.
  • Independently adjustable timing settings for the Three-state gate pulser and drain pulser
  • Easy Integration into existing mainframes

Tri-state Pulser

Setup Comparison

Tri-state Pulser

Setup Comparison



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