Fixing a corrupt FDCS database

June 12, 2024


Symptoms / Solutions:

FDCS uses Microsoft databases to store tuner and calibration information. Sometimes these databases can become corrupt due to windows issues or windows crashes. These errors can normally be corrected with a simple procedure.

You may suspect a corrupt database if:

  • You attempt to define a new tuner frequency list and FDCS crashes
  • You attempt to load a tuner calibration into a setup and FDCS crashes
  • The frequencies appear out-of-order in calibration ID when selecting a calibration
  • A different tuner calibration loads than the one selected in your project

To correct a corrupt database:

  1. Open the ODBC data source administrator:


  • Highlight the focus database (LPExAdmin, LPExData or LPExSwitch) that is corrupt and press Configure.

  • Press the Repair
  • Select the database file and press OK.
  • The follow message should be displayed to show that the operation was successful.

This procedure can be repeated for all databases

Keywords: FDCS, database issues, corrupt, mdb, crashing

Last date modified:  April 7, 2017