RF Test Fixtures

Focus Microwaves provides modular microstrip, high-power, and ultra-low-loss coaxial fixtures designed for load pull testing of packaged transistors. Equipped with TRL calibration standards, these fixtures support transistor packages from under 0.1” to 1” wide. Special features include decade-wide Klopfenstein transformers (Fmax:Fmin ~10:1), water and air cooling options, and on-substrate bias networks. Microstrip fixtures (PTJ-x*) offer 50Ω lines, λ/4 or taper transformers, harmonic traps, and DC bias networks, while Minimum Loss coaxial Test Fixtures (MLTF-x*) feature low insertion loss (< 0.03 dB at 2 GHz) with connectors including 7mm, N, and 7/16, spanning up to 18 GHz. Both types support water cooling for RF power up to several hundred Watts.


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