When starting the Auriga software (v4), I get a DC supply related error

June 12, 2024


Symptoms / Solutions:

A. At start up, the following error appears:


  1. The DC supply is not turned ON
  2. The USB cable is not plugged into the AU4850 main frame
  3. The wrong VISA address is defined in the “DCSupplyCommands.xml” file.

– Open the Agilent Connection Expert software.

– Copy the the VISA address of the faulty DC supply.

– Open the “DC supplies Configure” software (a link is on the desktop).

– Click the “Edit command” button of the faulty DC supply and paste the VISA address in the appropriate field.


B. During calibration or measurement, the following error appears:


  1. Most likely the DC supply goes into CC (constant current mode). Possible causes:

– The wrong driver has been selected for the DC supply.

– A load too big has been applied to the pulse head.


Keywords: DC Supply, Auriga, error, software

Last date modified: 27 June 2017