When I go to define a driver, there are no drivers in the list?

June 12, 2024


Symptoms / Solutions:

Driver list is empty when Driver combo box is expanded. This problem can occur when the driver is not registered. Figure below shows empty DC Supply driver list.

To register the driver, follow the steps below:

Go to Focus Driver Registration Utility You can also run it directly from the Load Pull Explorer folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Focus Microwaves\Load Pull Explorer\ UnregDrivers32.exe

Click on “Register dll files…”

In the Open file dialog box select DLL file corresponding to the driver. In this case DCPowerSupply.dll. Click on “Open” button.

A message confirming successful registration should appear. In case of unsuccessful registration check security settings of your computer with your IT department. Click on “OK” button.

The “Registered Driver” list will refresh and the available drivers under Driver category root in this case “DC Supply” category

Restart the FDCS software and go to “Instrument Definition” dialog box. You should see Driver combo box to be populated with drivers.

Keywords: instrument, definition, driver, register

Author: Marcin Pawluszko Eng.

Last date modified: 07/03/2017