How to set up the AU4850 to use it remotely with the API?

June 12, 2024

Pulsed IV

Symptoms / Solutions:

-Version 3.3:

Run the AU4850 API Installer to install the DLL on the computer that will run the remote software. Path to DLL: C:\Program Files (x86)\Auriga Microwave\PulsedIV_API\bin\AurigaPIV.dll.

-Version 4:

The dll is installed with the main software. Path to DLL: C:\AU4850 PulsedIV\bin\AurigaPIV.dll.

-Connect the AU4850 and remote computer with a LAN cable or thru a network. If using direct connection, make sure to disable DHCP on both AU4850 and remote computer. Take note of the IP address of the AU4850.

-Start the AU4850 software. It must be running to enable the remote connection.

-In the remote program, create an instance of the Auriga PIV remote application. See various examples for various programming language in the folder C:\AU4850 PulsedIV\docs\API\Examples on the AU4850.

-Use the …connect(string Port) method to connect to the pulser. The “Port” parameter must be in the form of “tcp://IP_address:8080/Auriga” where IP_address is the address of the pulser

-See the AU4750_API_Help for information about the methods.

Additional Information: The API for the AU4850 is exactly the same than the one for the AU4750. To control an AU4850, one must install the AU4750 API (for version 3.3 or older).

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Last date modified: April 20th 2017