DUT S-Parameter measurements fail when using ZVA noise drivers

June 12, 2024


Symptoms / Solutions:

Using FDCS version 3.3 or earlier, when the user performs a DUT S-Parameter measurement, with the NoiseDrivers.RS_ZVA_NoiseMeas, the driver should:

1.Recall the Sparameters.zvx vna state which represents the s-parameter calibration of the VNA.

2.Measure the S-Parameters of the DUT.

3.Recall the Noise.zvx vna state which represents the VNA in noise mode.


However, the VNA will fail to load noise.zvx and create an empty s2p file.

To correct this, the FDCS software should be update to version 3.4 or newer. There was a driver fix that resolves this issue.

Keywords: Noise project, error, DUT S-Parameter measurement

Last date modified:  28-April-2017