Can I run a power sweep with respect to Pin instead of Psource?

June 12, 2024


Symptoms / Solutions: Load Pull Explorer provides a feature that allows the user to run power sweep with respect to Pin in scalar load pull measurements. This feature is available in the FDCS or later versions. To run a power sweep with respect to Pin;

  1. Open a Load and the Source pull project. In case a template is not used, add Pin as a measurement from the available sequence items in the measurement editor window.
  2. Run the project. Click the power sweep icon to open the power sweep window.

  1. In the Power Sweep window, select the sweep parameter as Pin from the drop down menu.

Additional Information:

In the case of wave-based load pull, FDCS or later versions allows the user to do power sweep with respect to PinWaves instead of Psource.

Keywords: Power sweep, Pin, load pullmeasurements

Last date modified:  March 29, 2017