DLP Active Load Pull

Focus Microwaves' DLP (Dynamic Load Pull) is a cutting-edge platform for active load pull measurements, optimized for accuracy, speed, and reliability. Supporting frequencies up to 40GHz and beyond, it offers a versatile solution for CW and pulsed signal applications. The DLP enables fundamental and harmonic tuning, time domain measurements, and advanced behavioral modeling. With integrated options for DC IV and pulsed IV measurements, this one-box system is ideal for all stages of device characterization and testing, from initial development to final product testing. Its intuitive interface and industry-leading calibration techniques ensure precise and efficient measurements.


Features & Benefits

Active load pull systems are essential tools used in load pull labs worldwide, providing users with the capability to control and adjust impedance for a variety of applications. The DLP system is a fully Vector-based load pull system designed to handle up to 6 loops with 3 harmonics on the load side and 3 on the source side.
In the DLP measurement setup, both forward (a1, b1) and reverse (a2, b2) traveling signal waves are measured using dual directional couplers connected at the input and output of the Device Under Test (DUT) alongside custom receivers. By capturing the “a” and “b” waveforms, Vector Load Pull can calculate the real-time load impedance presented to the DUT using highly calibrated receivers. Utilizing industry-standard calibration techniques, the DLP system generates accurate error correction models essential for precise absolute and vector-based measurements.
Optimized for efficiency and speed, the DLP active load pull system leverages a unique load pull algorithm to streamline the measurement process, reducing the number of iterations required to achieve the target load impedance while maintaining a high level of accuracy. The system has been fine-tuned for simultaneous DC and RF measurements in both continuous wave (CW) and pulsed operation modes.
Furthermore, the user-friendly software interface enhances the overall user experience by providing an intuitive platform for setting up and conducting high-quality measurements efficiently on a daily basis. This user-centric approach ensures that users of all levels can easily navigate the system and perform reliable measurements consistently. The combination of optimized hardware configuration, advanced load pull algorithms, and user-friendly software makes the DLP active load pull system a valuable asset in load pull labs for researchers and engineers seeking precise impedance control and accurate measurements.


Key Features



Key Features

  • Single-tone CW and pulsed signals
  • Fundamental and harmonic tuning
    − With pulsed DC capability
  • Load and source pull tuning configurations
  • Large dynamic range for device characterization
    − Supports devices from 0dBm to >50dBm peak power.
  • Time domain measurements
    − For advanced waveform engineering
    − Advanced Cardiff Model generation
  • S-parameter measurements
  • Pulsed S-parameters (Pulsed DC & Pulsed RF)
  • Flexible and versatile API with an expanding feature set
  • Hybrid load pull and source pull capability
  • This system can be used in all parts of the design cycle
    • Initial device characterization
    • MMIC or PA design
    • Design verification
    • Product testing in the factory
    • Compact model verification and optimization

DLP allows the user to optimize not only the fundamental impedance, but also the harmonic impedances and both source and load side to enabling complete characterization and optimization of key parameters like power added efficiency and linearity.


Modular Architecture | DLP

  • 6 loop 3f0

  • 4 loop 2f0 / 3f0
    • f0/2f0 input, f0/2f0 output
    • f0 input, f0/2f0/3f0 output


  • S-Parameter Performance Summary (Typical)** | DLP

  • Load Pull Performance Summary (Typical)** | DLP

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