The power sweep plot does not plot anything by default

June 12, 2024

Data Explorer

Symptoms / Solutions:

Sometimes power sweep plot does not plot anything by default. This behavior might apply to LPC, LPCWAVE, SAT and SATWAVE files. Most probable reason for power sweep not being plotted are the Templates that are generated first time a file of a given type is opened and they store charts parameters. Templates data are located in the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Focus Microwaves\Load Pull Explorer\Templates\

To fix the problem, delete all content of the Template folder or you can open Data Explorer, go to Tools->Options menu item. In the Options dialog box click on Reset Templates button located on the General Tab (starting in version 3.4). Reopen the file.

If the problem still persists please contact our support at

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Last date modified: 20/04/2017