Issue Category
ID wdt_ID Image Issue Category Solution
1 2 How to load an mdf file generated from FDCS File Converter into Keysight ADS Modeling
2 3 How to convert load pull data acquired from FDCS to ADS/AWR compatible format Modeling
3 4 Reconfigure an Auriga Pulsed I/V 220V system to a 1200V system Pulsed IV
4 5 Automation Editor crashes when opening from FDCS FDCS
5 6 How to use a Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Zxx sensor in FDCS FDCS
6 7 What are the differences of scalar vs vector load pull? Load Pull
7 8 How do I use the iTuner ActiveX in 64 bit applications? Software
8 9 Running FDCS under different User Accounts on Windows FDCS
9 10 Important to know when calibrating a tuner using a frequency sweep Tuner Calibration
10 11 Data Explorer will not open Data Explorer
11 12 Error during Wave Load Pull setup back to back verification using the PNA-X Measurements
12 13 iTuner Operation and Programming Manual Tuner Programming
13 14 Are the 'a' and 'b' wave measurements from FDCS in RMS or Peak? FDCS
14 15 How do I see available gain and stability circles when plotting noise data? FDCS
15 16 The tuner calibration has less gamma than expected when performing In Situ tuner calibration Calibration
16 17 Data Explorer error when opening LPWAVE file - "Value cannot be null." Data Explorer
17 18 When opening the AU4850 software, there is an error message about Loading Safety Limits Pulsed IV
18 19 When starting the Auriga software (v4), I get a DC supply related error Software
19 20 Basic connections for the Auriga 200v system Auriga
20 21 Drag and drop files into Data Explorer not working Data Explorer
21 22 Data Explorer incorrectly plots contour data as phase sweep data Data Explorer
22 23 Verification of a Noise Measurement System (Theory) Noise Measurements
23 24 When using the sequence functionality for running AU4850 Pulsed IV test runs, there is an "Error displaying IV chart" Pulsed IV
24 25 When running a noise project, the log event window shows the warning "Warning ENR table missing" Noise Measurements
33 45 NVNA Port1 External Path Isolation Issue Causing Failure of Wave Calibration FDCS
32 44 When starting a tuner calibration using an R&S ZNB, the VNA correction is turned off Tuner Calibration
31 43 When using multiple regulations in FDCS, what is the order that they execute? FDCS
29 41 Using PNA-X port 1 for a FDCS wave project measurements FDCS
30 42 The power sweep plot does not plot anything by default Data Explorer
27 39 When defining an IVI driver, I get the error: "An error occurred while loading the IVI Configuration Store... The IVI Driver Configuration Utility cannot be initiated" FDCS
28 40 How do I fix the error: "The program can't start because NiViSv32.dll is missing from your computer." FDCS
26 38 How do I register the iTuner ActiveX (iTuner.ocx) for remote programming control? FDCS
25 37 For an On Wafer setup, how do I improve my smith chart coverage? FDCS
34 46 How do I verify that my tuner is working correctly - repeatable? Tuner Calibration
35 47 How to set up the AU4850 to use it remotely with the API? Pulsed IV
36 48 How do I upload calibrations to my tuner? FDCS
37 49 DUT S-Parameter measurements fail when using ZVA noise drivers FDCS
38 50 Can I calculate a new parameter from existing measurements in Data Explorer? Data Explorer
39 51 How can I use third-party IVI drivers in FDCS? FDCS
40 52 How to connect the ground to an Auriga Pulser head? Pulsed IV
41 53 How to setup NVNA with FDCS? FDCS
42 54 How do you create a simple automation script? FDCS
43 55 What are the noise measurement setups available in FDCS? FDCS
44 56 What are the different noise extraction methods available and how do I choose which one to use? FDCS
45 57 How can a user load previously saved noise measurements and perform a new noise extraction? FDCS
46 58 How do I know that the calibration of the Auriga AU4850 is correct? Pulsed IV
47 59 How do I install the drivers for my hard-key? FDCS
48 60 Fixing a corrupt FDCS database FDCS
49 61 Can I run a power sweep with respect to Pin instead of Psource FDCS
50 62 When the AU4850 Pulsed IV system is started there is a DC Supply error Pulsed IV
51 63 When I start my software - there is a message saying no license FDCS
52 64 Accuracy problems calibrating VNA at high IFBW (typical for pulsed configurations) FDCS
53 65 FDCS requires administrative privileges. Can I install on computers without admin rights? FDCS
54 66 I am having display issues with FDCS in Windows 10 FDCS
55 67 How do I write my own instrument driver in FDCS FDCS
56 68 Can I create my own custom measurements in FDCS? FDCS
57 69 Why is there unstable measurements in active pulse LP power sweep? FDCS
58 70 When I go to define a driver, there are no drivers in the list? (reregister) FDCS
59 71 I have a Focus Test Fixture, how do I calibrate it? FDCS
60 72 I have a Focus Cal Kit - What are the standard definitions? VNA Calibration
61 73 How do I define my Focus calibration kit in my PNA/PNA-X VNA Calibration
62 74 How do I change the IP address of tuner? Tuner Setup
63 75 How do I upgrade my FDCS software? FDCS
64 76 FDCS displays text incorrectly in some dialogs FDCS
65 77 Auriga 4750 error message "Failed to connect to Server Host at port 8080" Pulsed IV
66 78 Communication between my tuner and computer does not work Tuner Setup
67 79 What is the fastest way to calibrate a tuner for a large number of frequencies? Tuner Setup
68 80 How to convert LPWAVE and LPCWAVE file to MDIF AWR format? FDCS
69 81 Error when uploading calibrations to tuner FDCS
70 82 Tuner doesn't present the correct Gamma when tuning or there is an error in back-to-back verification Tuner Calibration
71 83 Auriga AU4850 system does not connect to my PNA (or PNA-X) Pulsed IV