Vector Load Pull

Achieve unmatched precision in RF and microwave tuning with Vector Load Pull. Explore comprehensive control over impedance and phase to maximize device performance with our state-of-the-art tuners.

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The more advanced loadpull setup, known as Vector loadpull or VNA-assisted loadpull, introduces a higher level of sophistication and accuracy to the measurement process. In this setup, the forward (a1, b1) and reverse (a2, b2) traveling waves are measured using two directional couplers connected at the input and output of the Device Under Test (DUT). By capturing the “a” and “b” waveforms, vector loadpull can calculate the real-time tuner impedance presented to the DUT, reducing reliance on tuner calibration and enhancing measurement accuracy.

While tuner calibration is beneficial for steering tuning into the correct area of the Smith chart efficiently, the real-time calculation of tuner impedance based on measured waveforms provides a dynamic and adaptable approach to loadpull measurements, optimizing performance and results.

In a typical vector loadpull setup, components such as two bi-directional couplers, source and load tuners, and a Vector Network Analyzer with receiver access capability are essential. Absolute calibration at the DUT reference plane is crucial for fully computing the 8-term error model, ensuring accurate measurement results without leaving behind composite terms that may compromise measurement precision. This calibration method allows for a comprehensive assessment of the DUT’s performance under various load conditions, providing valuable insights for optimizing device design and performance.




A Vector Load Pull setup can be upgraded to hybrid Active Load pull and time domain measurements using the relevant hardware.


The measured RF parameters include:

  • ΓLoad, ΓIN

In this measurement setup both Power In delivered to the DUT and the PAE are calculated using the captured waveforms. All RF parameters are captured in a single shot which dramatically increases the measurement speed. All harmonic power levels are also measured by the Vector receiver.

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