How do you create a simple automation script?

June 12, 2024


Symptoms / Solutions: FDCS provides automation functionality for performing tuner and measurement operations. This feature allows the user to define and perform a customized, predefined sequence of measurement operations.

The automation functionality can be used through the FDCS scripting tool (Automation Editor) or using an API (LP-ActiveX, or NP-ActiveX) to create a program using any Active X compatible programming environment. The automation editor uses a C# compiler when the script is compiled.

There are three automation libraries supported by FDCS:

1. Load Pull (LP-Macro hardkey option)

2. Noise (NP-Macro hardkey option)

3. Probe Station (LP-Macro or NP-Macro hardkey option)


The following steps describe the procedure to launch measurement automation:

1. Create a project within FDCS (Load Pull or Noise project)
The user has to create a project in the FDCS to be used with the automation editor.

2. Define the setup and calibrate the tuners
The tuners should be defined and calibrated before launching the automation.

3. Define instruments and measurements
The instruments used for the measurements should be defined using the Instrument Manager and the measurements should be defined in the Measurement Editor window. A detailed description of steps 1-3 is provided in the FDCS operation manual in \Focus Microwaves\Load Pull Explorer\Manuals.

4. Registering the Automation ActiveX

Whether using the Focus Automation Editor or an external programming environment to perform automation, the ActiveX interface needs the files, FMWCalibration.exe and FMWCalibration.tlb and they must be registered. This is done automatically during the software installation. However, if for any reason these become unregistered on the computer, the files must be re-registered. The following describes how this can be done.

– From the Windows Desktop: Select Start → Run and type:

“C:\Program Files\Focus Microwaves\Load Pull Explorer\FMWCalibration.exe” /RegServer

– From the Windows Desktop: Select Start → Run and type:

“C:\Program Files\Focus Microwaves\Load Pull Explorer\regtlib.exe” “C:\Program Files\Focus Microwaves\ Load Pull Explorer\FMWCalibration.tlb”

5. Write automation script or program using the automation’s Active X interface.

The Focus Automation Editor included with the FDCS software installation, can be used to create a script that will automate load pull operations. The editor uses the ActiveX interface in the background to run the script. The editor uses syntax similar to C#.

6. Run Automation (script or program)

Automation Scripting in FDCS

To open the Automation Editor, in Load Pull Explorer, select Utilities -> Automation Editor.

Figure 1

To generate an automation script;

1. Create a new script by selecting File -> New or select the button and save as a specific filename or open an existing script.

2. The Automation script type (Load Pull or Noise) has to be of the same type as the Load Pull Explorer project you want to run automation for. If Load pull option is selected, the script is saved as .lpmac file and if Noise option is selected, the file is saved with an extension .npmac.

3. Add automation functions to the script. The tree view at the right as shown in figure 2 contains a list of possible automation functions. Double-clicking one function will add it to the script window as well as its parameters, if any.


All functions in the Load Pull Automation ActiveX library will be prefixed with “LPEx.” in the automation editor.

Similarly, functions in the Noise Automation ActiveX library will be prefixed with “NPEx.”

Figure 2

4. Press the compile button (or F7) to check that the script has no syntax errors.

5. Press the run button (or F5) to run the script.

The following is a sample script written in the automation editor. The script turns the RF Source ON and does a power sweep and then turns the RF Source OFF. Demo drivers have been used for the instruments.

Additional Information:

Additional information can be found in the Automation Manual in \Focus Microwaves\Load Pull Explorer\Manuals

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Last date modified: April 07, 2017