Manual Tuners

Focus offers a complete range of manual tuners. The MMT series use the same RF technology and precision as a comparable automatic tuner.

They are available in octave and multi-octave bands between 400 MHz and 18 GHz and provide high VSWR at DUT reference plane with a high reliability.

For harmonic tuning requirements, the MMT series can be enhanced, referring to as option –H2 and –H23, using a similar concept as Focus’ harmonic rejection tuners (PHT).

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Manual Tuner
Model Min Frequency Max Frequency Datasheets Request Quote
wdt_ID Model Min Frequency Max Frequency Type Datasheets Request Quote
131 MMT-1808 0.8 18.0 Manual
129 MMT-1804 0.4 18.0 Manual
123 MMT-704 0.4 7.0 Manual
122 MMT-606 0.6 6.0 Manual
119 MMT-308 0.8 3.0 Manual
118 MMT-306 0.6 3.0 Manual
117 MMT-304 0.4 3.0 Manual
143 MMT-808 0.8 8.0 Manual
144 MMT-840 4.0 8.0 Manual
145 MMT-1816 1.6 18.0 Manual