Focus’ main disruptive advantage is Innovation. Starting in 2000 Focus now owns 127 patents and has another 26 patents pending, all on various tuner types and associated calibration, tuning and measurement applications.

In the process Focus has invented all new tuner types, beyond the traditional single probe wideband impedance slide screw tuner known since 1985:

The Harmonic Rejection Tuner               (PHT)
The High Gamma Prematching Tuner  (PMT)
The Frequency Selective Tuner              (FST)
The 2 Frequency Harmonic Tuner         (MPT-Lite)
The 3 Frequency Harmonic Tuner         (MPT-Classic)
The 4 Frequency Harmonic Tuner         (MPT-Quattro)
A line of Low Frequency Tuners, the LFT’s (10-250MHz)

Since 2015 Focus also owns 3 Mesuro patents on active tuning technology.

  • Issued
  • Pending
  • Provisional

This is an up-to-date list of all US Patents issued to Focus Microwaves Inc.

wdt_ID s Icon Patent Description Date Link
1 6,297,649 Harmonic Rejection Load Tuner 2001-10-02
2 6,414,563 Low-Loss Microwave Device Test Fixture with Adjustable Blocks 2002-07-02
3 6,639,393 Methods and Apparatus for Time-Domain Measurement with a High Frequency Circuit Analyzer 2003-10-28
4 6,674,293 Adaptable Pre-Matched Tuner System and Method 2004-01-06
5 6,850,076 Microwave Tuners for Wideband High Reflection Applications 2005-02-01
6 6,998,836 Low Loss Integration of Wafer Probes with Microwave Tuners 2006-02-14
7 7,034,629 High Frequency, High Reflection Pre-Matching Tuners with Variable Zero Initialization 2006-04-25
8 7,035,628 High Reflection Microwave Tuner Using Metal-dielectric Probe and Method 2006-05-30
9 7,102,457 Mechanically Balanced Microwave Load Pull Tuner 2006-09-05
10 7,135,941 Triple Probe Automatic Slide Screw Load Pull Tuner and Method 2006-11-14

This is an up-to-date list of all US Patents pending for Focus Microwaves Inc.

wdt_ID ID s Icon Patent Description Date Link
45 16/105,143 High Speed Hybrid Load and Source Pull System 2018-08-20
2 31 16/262,112 Waveguide Slide Screw Tuner with Rotating Disc Probes 2019-01-30
65 16/863,182 Low Profile High Speed Load Pull Tuner System 2020-04-30
74 17/178,693 Experimental Verification and Optimization of Two Stage RF Amplifier 2020-02-18
5 28 16/250,254 Integrated Pre-Matching Module for Millimeter-Wave Tuner 2019-01-17
78 17/232,603 Wafer Probe Integration with Load Pull Tuner 2021-04-16
64 16/860,760 Simple Directional Coupler 2020-04-28
72 17/102,936 On-Wafer Tuner System & Method 2020-11-24
79 17/308,261 Anti-Skewing Load Pull Tuner with Rotating Probe 2021-05-05
10 23 16/165,531 Coaxial Adjustable Wave Probe 2018-10-19

This is an up-to-date list of all provisional US Patents for Focus Microwaves Inc.

wdt_ID ID s Icon Patent Description Date Link