The Focus Microwaves Group comprises Focus Microwaves Inc., Mesuro Ltd. and Auriga PIV Tech Inc. They are All Engineering and Manufacturing Corporations based in Montreal (Canada), Cardiff (UK) and Merrimack (USA) respectively.

Focus Microwaves is a pioneering engineering company, built around the innovations of its founder Dr. Christos Tsironis who developed his first manual tuner in 1973 and is the inventor of most existing electro-mechanical tuner families. The success of Focus is based on the engineering and manufacturing skills of its highly motivated and experienced team of engineers and technicians, who have been trained and encouraged to develop new technologies. In addition, listening to our customers needs and insights helps us discover and develop new and measurement methods on an ongoing basis, relentlessly pushing the limits of what is possible.

From humble beginnings in 1988, Focus has become the main supplier of advanced Load Pull and Noise Tuner Systems. Our mission is to provide effective, reliable and innovative solutions for non-50 Ohm testing (Noise and Load Pull) of RF microwave transistors, thus enabling our customers to compete in the marketplace with better designs and to advance the understanding and knowledge of the field.

Mesuro’s technology has been developed as a result of over a decades’ research at Cardiff University’s renowned Institute of High Frequency and Communication Engineering.

The Institute was founded by Professor Paul Tasker in 1997 and has grown rapidly to establish an international reputation in the fields of non-linear measurement systems, device characterization, and circuit design. The Institute works with many of the leading companies in the RF communications field to address significant technical challenges through fundamental research.

In January 2015, Focus Microwaves acquired Mesuro Ltd, taking sole ownership of the shares, IP, load pull and modelling technologies of the organization.

Auriga PIV Tech. Inc. develops and provides pulsed IV/RF characterization systems and bias tees. It offers its products for current–voltage measurements. Auriga PIV Tech. Inc. was formerly known as Auriga Microwave, Inc. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Auriga PIV Tech. Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Focus Microwaves Inc.

In February 2015, Focus Microwaves acquired the Pulsed IV and Bias-Tee lines of AURIGA. Out of a main concern regarding support of existing Auriga customers and in view of the potential of these valuable product lines, which fit seamlessly into Focus’ own modular pulsed IV, RF accessory and nonlinear modelling technology of MESURO, which Focus acquired last January, Focus also hired key Auriga personnel, in order to support customers, fulfill existing and pending pulse system orders and to push further product development.

Focus operates the Auriga PIV and BT lines out of its new location in Nashua, N.H. For further information please contact your local Auriga representative

The Focus Team

The Focus Microwaves Team includes 3 companies in Montreal, Merrimack and Cardiff, as well as dedicated Sales and Support office in Beijing and in Munich. Our team now counts over 60 employees worldwide.

Read more about Focus Microwaves from the Founder & CEO, Dr. Christos Tsironis

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Dr. Christos Tsironis

Founder & Chief Engineer

Iason Tsironis

Vice-President & General Manager

Vince Mallette

Director of Sales

Bryan Hosein

Director of Engineering

Omar Robinson

Production Manager / Tuner R&D Developer

Xianfu Sun

General Manager China

Nina Di Maria

Office Coordinator

Susan Cyr


Jia Wang

Payroll & AP Assistance

Kelly Li

Office Coordinator China

Melanie Burgess

Office Coordinator Mesuro

Charbel Massaad

IT Manager

Mahfuzur Rahman Khan

Traffic Coordinator

Vince Mallette

Director of Sales

Dr. Sajjad Ahmed

Business Development Manager &
RF Specialist

Xianfu Sun

General Manager China

Weam Ahmed

Sales Assistant

Michael Orsoli

Website & Marketing

Dr. Christos Tsironis

Founder, Chief RF Engineer

Bryan Hosein

Director of Engineering

Linda Pajari

Production Manager Auriga

Baoli Tian

Senior R&D Application Engineer

Marcin Pawluszko

Senior Software Engineer

Olivier Roy

Senior Electronics Engineer

Dr. Poorna Karthik Nakkala

RF Development Engineer

Dr. Sajjad Ahmed

Business Development Manager & 
RF Specialist

William Watson

Software Engineer

Lokesh Parappurath

Software Engineer

Ryan Higdon

Application & Test Engineer

Dr. Simon Woodington

Engineering MAnager At Mesuro

Dr. Aamir Sheikh

Senior Hardware engineer At Mesuro

Dr. Dragan Gecan

applications / r&d engineer at mesuro

Satya Venkata

software & systems engineer at mesuro

Shengjie Gao

Application Engineer & Installation Manager

Song Jie

Engineering Draftsman

Suhas Illath Veetil

Application Engineer

Dr. Jiapin Guo

Application Engineer

Dr. Ali Doghri

RF Development & Application Engineer

Dr. Zhou Yang

Application Engineer China

Ouyang Sihua (Leo)

Application Engineer China

Omar Robinson

Production Manager / Tuner R&D DEveloper

Robert Rheaume

Machine Shop Supervisor

Danielle Dion

Electronics Technician

Fady Lahoud

Production Technician

Ana Aguiar

Electronics Technician Auriga

Thai Nien Kiet

Alignment Technician

Wonryoung Lee

Alignment Technician

Faycal Mehdaoui

Alignment Technician

Makhlouf Tahir

Alignment Technician

Ulric Veilleux

CNC Machinist

Fouad Aziz

CNC Machinist

Jeffrey Vetland

CNC Machinist

Driss El Amraoui

CNC Machinist

Gabriel Louis

CNC Machinist

Goran Vasiljevic

CNC Machinist

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