wdt_ID Image ID Name Date PDF
1 AN-64 Load Pull Characterization (White Paper) March 2019
2 AN-63 Active Load Pull System in Doherty Power Amplifier February 2018
4 AN-62 Hybrid Active & Harmonic Tuning December 2011
5 AN-61 MPT-ActiveX October 2007
6 AN-60 High-Power Load Pull at 40 MHz using Low Frequency Tuners (LFT) November 2006
7 AN-59 The Effects of Harmonic Tuning on EVM September 2006
8 AN-58 Comparing Harmonic Load Pull Techniques With Regards to Power-Added Efficiency (PAE) May 2007
9 AN-57 iTuners for Production Testing January 2004
10 AN-56 Harmonic Effects in Load Pull using Wideband Tuners August 2003
11 AN-55 On Wafer Load Pull of Sub-Ohmic Power Chips July 2003