wdt_ID Image ID Name Date PDF
1 AN-64 Load Pull Characterization (White Paper) March 2019
2 AN-63 Active Load Pull System in Doherty Power Amplifier February 2018
4 AN-62 Hybrid Active & Harmonic Tuning December 2011
5 AN-61 MPT-ActiveX October 2007
6 AN-60 High-Power Load Pull at 40 MHz using Low Frequency Tuners (LFT) November 2006
7 AN-59 The Effects of Harmonic Tuning on EVM September 2006
8 AN-58 Comparing Harmonic Load Pull Techniques With Regards to Power-Added Efficiency (PAE) May 2007
9 AN-57 iTuners for Production Testing January 2004
10 AN-56 Harmonic Effects in Load Pull using Wideband Tuners August 2003
11 AN-55 On Wafer Load Pull of Sub-Ohmic Power Chips July 2003
12 AN-54 Spurious Oscillations during Load Pull September 2002
13 AN-53 Focus GPTC Library Software Description and Programming Instructions June 2002
14 AN-52 Tuner Control and Load Pull Using GPIB and Dynamic Data Exchang (DDE) June 2002
15 AN-50 Upgrade ATS Load Pull Systems Using Focus ULPS Soft- and Hardware March 2002
16 AN-49 Comparing Tuner Repeatability March 2002
17 AN-48 On Wafer Load Pull Tuner Setups: A Design Help December 2001
18 AN-47 Pulse Measurements Using the CCMT Load Pull System June 2001
19 AN-46 Mechanical Vibrations of CCMT Tuners used in On Wafer Load Pull Testing October 2001
20 AN-45 Algorithm for Automatic High Precision Residual Tuning to 50Ω using Programmable Tuners May 2001
21 AN-44 Nonlinear Transistor Testing using Highly Accurate Harmonic Load Pull Tuners March 2001
22 AN-42 Using Stub Tuners and Slide Screw Tuners November 1999
23 AN-40 RF Probes for in-situ Optimizing Output Power Stages of Mobile Phones March 1998
24 AN-33 Harmonic Tuning Isolation in Load Pull Setups using PHT May 1999
25 AN-31 Accurate Noise Parameter Measurements Using a Spectrum Analyzer as Noise Receiver October 1998
26 AN-30 Macro File Operation for Compression Load Pull Measurements April 1997
27 AN-29 Using Prematched Probes for On Wafer Load Pull February 1998
28 AN-28A Macro File Operation of CCMT Systems November 1996
29 AN-28B Macro File Operation of CCMT System October 1996
30 AN-27 Harmonic Load Pull Solutions July 1996
31 AN-26 Create Your Own Load Pull Tests using MATLAB-TUNE June 1995
32 AN-25 High Reflection Load Pull: Possibilities and Tradeoffs July 1995
33 AN-24 Concept for Load Pull Measurements with Harmonic Impedance Control June 1995
34 AN-23 Selective Load Pull using Pattern and Section Tuning May 1995
35 AN-22 Peak Search Algorithms of CCMT Software March 1995
36 AN-19 On Wafer Noise Parameter Measurements using Cold-Noise Source and Automatic Receiver Calibration Updated January 1999
37 AN-18 Accuracy and Verification of Load Pull Measurements September 1994
38 AN-15 High Resolution Tuners Eliminate Load Pull Performance Errors January 1995
39 AN-14 On Wafer Load Pull and Noise Measurements using Computer Controlled Microwave Tuners June 1994
40 AN-13 Calibration Techniques of Network Analyzers for Tuner Characterization May 1994
41 AN-12B AM/PM Distortion Load Pull of Power Transistors May 1994
42 AN-12A Measurement and Software Capability of the CCMT Load Pull System October 1996
43 AN-11 Load Pull Measurements on Transistors with Harmonic Impedance Control January 1994
44 AN-10 On Wafer Load Pull and Noise Measurements using Computer Controlled Microwave Tuners June 1994
45 AN-09 Power Efficiency Measurements using the CCMT June 1996
46 AN-08 Basics on Load Pull and Noise Measurements June 1994
47 AN-07 Load Pull of Potentially Unstable Transistors June 1996
48 AN-06 Load Pull Measurements on Very Low Impedance Transistors November 1993
49 AN-05 User Defined GPIB Instrument Drivers for the CCMT System December 1993
50 AN-02 Microwave Oscillator Testing using the CCMT October 1990
51 AN-01B Noise Measurements using the Computer Controlled Microwave Tuner (CCMT) System February 1990
52 AN-01A Two Tone Intermod Measurements using the Computer Controlled Microwave Tuner December 1989
53 AN-65 Input Harmonic Controlled Broadband Continuous Class-F Power Amplifiers for Sub-6 GHz 5G Applications April 2020
55 AN-66 Focus Tech Tips Featuring MPI Corporation November 2022
56 AN-67 Vectorial Load Pull for mm-Wave Frequency Power Device Characterization and Compact Model Verification (MPI) December 2022

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