120GHz Harmonic Load Pull

Explore the capabilities of our 120GHz Harmonic Load Pull system, leveraging Focus Microwaves' advanced DELTA series tuners. Optimize RF and microwave device performance through precise harmonic measurements and impedance tuning, crucial for applications in 5G, satellite communications, and beyond.

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The 120GHz Harmonic Load Pull application represents a critical advancement in high-frequency device optimization. This method allows engineers to precisely measure and adjust harmonic components (2F0 and 3F0) of the signal generated by the Device Under Test (DUT). Focus Microwaves’ DELTA series tuners, specifically designed for on-wafer measurements, play a pivotal role in this process.

Key Features:

  • High-Frequency Tuning: Focus Microwaves’ DELTA series tuners cover frequencies up to 120GHz, providing comprehensive control over impedance and phase for precise tuning.
  • Direct Probe Connection: These tuners enable direct connection between the RF probe and the DUT, minimizing insertion loss and ensuring accurate measurement of harmonic signals.
  • Industry-Leading Performance: Designed in collaboration with Keysight technologies, our 120GHz DELTA tuners facilitate harmonic tuning (3F0) at fundamental frequencies in FR2 (24 to 39GHz), setting new standards for high-frequency device characterization.

By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Focus Microwaves’ DELTA series tuners, engineers can achieve optimal performance in demanding applications requiring ultra-high-frequency precision and reliability.





The measured parameters include:

  • Harmonic Frequencies: Measurement and tuning of harmonics such as 2F0 and 3F0 of the fundamental frequency, extending up to 120GHz.Source and Load Impedance: Precise characterization and adjustment of source and load impedance at harmonic frequencies, optimizing device performance.
  • PAEWaves: Represents an efficiency reading. This reading is calculated by taking the input power (PinWaves or PinDelWaves), the delivered output power (PoutWaves), and the DC current and voltage readings (DC Input/Output Voltage/Current).
  • GammaWaves: Represents gamma in DUT reference plane on either the source or load at the specified frequency. This value is calculated from the Waves measurement.
  • GainWaves: Represents a transducer gain measurement. This reading is calculated by using the available or delivered input power, and the delivered output power.

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