Multiple regulations in FDCS, what is the order that they are execute?

June 12, 2024


Symptoms / Solutions:

When selecting multiple regulations, what is the order or execution?

The regulation objects are used to enforce a particular measurement condition during load pull.  This condition is often the guaranteed constant value of a particular measurement, or other miscellaneous measurement condition

In general regulations are executed in the order that they are listed in the selected list.

A regulation object has three distinct steps, which are as follows:

1. Pre-Regulate: This step occurs before tuner is moved.

2. Regulate:  This step occurs after tuner movement and before measurement.

3. Post-Regulate: This step occurs after measurement.

In every step each selected regulation object performs its own appropriate action (as outlined below) in the given order as specified the Measurement Editor.  Additionally, the “Auto-Regulate” mode (see Load Pull Explorer Operation Manual) performs the Pre-Regulate and Regulate steps during point and click tuning mode (before tuner movement and after tuner movement respectively).

The following is a sample of the performed regulation object events with multiple regulation objects selected (Figure 4: Sample sequence of events for specific Regulation objects).


– Reduce RF Power

– Pin=Target

– Stop Condition (Pout < 20)

To see the Pre-Regulate, Regulate and Post-Regulate steps for a specific regulation, see the FDCS.Measurement.Editor.Reference.pdf.

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