What are the differences of scalar vs vector load pull?

May 21, 2024

Load Pull

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The following are the differences between a scalar and vector load pull system:

  1. Compared with scalar load pull, vector load pull allows the measurement of additional parameters:
    • input large signal impedances of the DUT,
    • the input delivered power,
    • AM-PM,
    • the real added efficiency,
    • the absolute load tuner Gamma, thus not relying on mechanical tuner repeatability.
  2. The measurement speed of vector load pull is faster.
  3. A vector load pull system can be easily upgraded to an active load pull system increasing the tuning range.
  4. The vector load pull system can include a phase reference module, allowing the plotting of the real dynamic load lines.
  5. During the vector LP measurement, a VNA must be dedicated to the measurement system.

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