When the AU4850 Pulsed IV system is started there is a DC Supply error

June 12, 2024

Pulsed IV

Symptoms / Solutions:

When starting the AU4850 software, you might get an error message like this one.

This error will prevent the AU4850 from starting. When starting, the software will test the connection with all the DC supplies and will fail if one of them is not present. The most common causes of communication failure are:

→ DC supply not turned on

→ USB cable not properly connected to the DC supply or mainframe

→ Wrong VISA address. Check that the actual VISA address of the DC Supply is the same as defined in the file: “C:\AU4850 PulsedIV\etc\DCSupplyCommands.xml”

Additional Information:

The communication can be checked using the “Agilent Connection Expert”. If the DC supplies does not appear there, AU4850 will not work. Then compare the VISA address with the one in the “DCSupplyCommands.xml” file


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Last date modified: April 5th 2017