Auriga 4750 error message “Failed to connect to Server Host at port 8080”

June 12, 2024

Pulsed IV

Symptoms / Solutions:

Error message pop ups at the start of the Auriga software after all instruments are initialized.

The port 8080 is used by Auriga server to communicate remotely with the software. If any other application is already using that port and that application is running while Auriga software is started, that might cause conflict between two applications resulting in port not being opened by Auriga software. One software that uses port 8080 is “NI Application Web Server”. To verify NI Application Web Server is running go to “Windows Task Manager” and find the ApplicationWebServer on the list. If it is running, go to Services. Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services. In the Services window find “NI Application Web Server” and disable it. Restart the Auriga software.

Additional Information:

NI link to the article explaining the issue:

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Last date modified:  03/03/2017