Using PNA-X port 1 for a FDCS wave project measurements

June 12, 2024


Symptoms / Solutions:

I am using the PNA-X for the Time Domain Analyzer instrument for my wave measurements. I am using Port 1 as my input port and port 2 (or any other) as my output port. After calibrating the setup, my verification at 50 Ohm on a thru is correct with GainWaves = 0 dB. However as soon as I move my source tuner, the calibration is no longer valid and complex conjugate positions do not result in a GainWaves = 0dB on a thru.

The PNA-X has a switch on the input that can select whether to pass through the external front loop or an Internal path. The user must select the External path so that the A receiver at the reference loop is active and measuring.

How to access Path Configurator

Using HARDKEY [softkey] buttons:


2. then [Channel]

3. then [Hardware Setup]

4. then [Path Config…]

Using Menus:

1. Click Trace/Chan

2. then Channel

3. then Hardware Setup

4. then Path Config…

In the RF Path Configuration, select the radio button for External in the Port 1 Reference Mixer Switch. Then recalibrate the wave calibration (12 term and power calibration).

Keywords: FDCS, Wave calibration issues, PNA-X, Port 1, Reference Mixer Switch

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