How do I use the iTuner ActiveX in 64 bit applications?

June 12, 2024


Symptoms / Solutions:

The ActiveX control is the solution of choice in any programming platform that supports ActiveX controls (MSVC++, Agilent VEE, LabView, LabWindows, or other).

For some 64-bit applications, the legacy iTunerX.ocx does not work. Rebuilt drivers for 64-bit applications can be found in the installation directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Focus Microwaves\Load Pull Explorer\iTools\iTunerX_rebuild\x64\

These dlls are not registered by default and must be registered by the user.

You should register the dll from the command prompt (preferably as administrator):

Open MS-DOS prompt or windows command line:

  • In Windows 10, Vista and 7: Click Start, type cmd and press Enter.
  • In Windows 8: Get to the Start screen, type cmd and press Enter.


Type the command regsvr32 followed by the full path of iTunerX.dll into the Command Prompt and press “Enter”.

If the iTunerX.dll is registered correctly you will have:

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Last date modified:  Nov. 22, 2017