How do I define my Focus calibration kit in my PNA/PNA-X?

June 12, 2024

VNA Calibration

Symptoms / Solutions:

Focus systems use the TRL (Through-Reflect-Line) calibration standards for the VNA calibration. The following steps describe the procedure to define Focus calibration kit in the Keysight PNA/PNA-X. Focus APC-7 Cal Kit is used as an example.

  1. Open the Cal Kit browser window by selecting: Response → Cal → Cal Kit as shown in figure 1.

    The Cal Kit window shows the Cal Kits that have been already defined.
  2. To add a new Cal Kit, select the Insert New button.

    This opens the Edit Kit window as shown in figure 3.
  3. Enter the Kit name and the description (user-defined).
  4. Select the Add or Edit button in the Connectors section to add the connector details.

    Mention the connector family as APC 7. As these connectors are genderless, select the genderless radio button and click Apply.

    The edit kit window should be similar to the one shown in figure 6 after adding the connector family description.
  5. The next step of the Cal Kit definition is the addition of the required standards. To add a standard, select the ADD button which opens the Add Standard window.

    Add the first standard as SHORT by selecting the corresponding radio button (No specific order for adding the standards). Enter the details in the shorts definition window as shown in figure 8 and select OK.
  6. Add the THRU standard by selecting the radio button for the THRU. Enter the details as shown in figure 10.

  7. The final standard to be added is the DELAY line. Select the radio button for the THRU again and modify the description of the standard as shown in figure 11 and select OK. The delay values are different for the different connector families, and they can be obtained from the Focus Cal Kit reference manual. The delay for APC 7 family of connectors is 23.23 psec.

    This completes the calibration standards definition as shown in figure 12.
  8. The next step in the Cal Kit definition is to assign these added standards to the Cal kit Class. To assign the standards, select the TRL calibration method from the drop down button and select the EDIT button.

    This opens the calibration standards class assignment window as shown below.
  9. Assign the THRU standard to the TRL THRU class using the assign button >> as shown in figure 15.
  10. Assign the SHORT standard for the TRL reflect and the Delay line standard for the TRL line/match as shown in figures 16 and 17, respectively.
    1. Select the OK button to complete the Cal Kit definition.

    Additional Information: The TRL (Through-Reflect-Line) is the most accurate and easy to employ method for all types of transmission media, including Coaxial, Microstrip (including Wafer) and Waveguide.

    Keywords: Cal Kit definition, TRL calibration, VNA calibration

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