How to use a Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Zxx sensor in FDCS

May 21, 2024


Symptoms / Solutions:

To use a USB connected Rohde and Schwarz NRP-Zxx power sensor (such as the NRP-Z57), you need to install some applications that will allow FDCS to communicate with the unit.

Install the following applications:

  • R&S NRP Toolkit (
  • R&S NRP NI-VISA Passport (

After installation is complete, connect the sensor to the computer via USB cable.

Click: Start → Programs → National Instruments → VISA → VISA Interactive Control. The sensor should now appear in the list of connected instruments:

In FDCS, define a new power meter. Select the driver (PowerMeter.NRP_Z11). Select Raw Visa String as the connection type. Type in the connection string that is shown in the VISA Interactive Control window.

Keywords: Power meter, drivers, NRP, R&S

Last date modified: March 2, 2018