Pulsed Bias tees with a perfect balance of RF performance and DC power handling

Auriga’s Pulsed Bias Tees balance impressive RF performance with heavy-duty power handling across multiple frequency bands ranging from 100 MHz to 26.5 GHz. They are designed for rigorous usage without sacrificing RF performance. Only the highest-quality materials are used to minimize signal loss and enable efficient heat removal.

These highest-power bias tees include a fast-acting fuse to protect DUTs against current spikes. A DC sense port is provided for accurately measuring the incident DC voltage. Bias tees requiring external heat sinking include pre-tapped holes for easy mounting.

Auriga high power bias tees are also often used Wideband modulation applications, where attention is needed to properly terminate the impedances seen at the baseband frequencies.  

Typical applications for Auriga bias tees are high power pulsed IV, pulsed load pull, wideband noise parameter extraction and pulsed s-parameter (used in compact modelling)

Focus is now introducing new 50 and 67GHz models for wideband noise and high power pulse applications.  Leveraging decades of design work on high power bias-tees these new bias-tees offer great power handling for applications like 5G which also requires broad frequency coverage and very good baseband termination to allow for wideband signals operating at >20GHz.

For more information on Auriga’s Bias Tee’s, visit our youtube channel!

Two Models of BIAS Tees showing different connection types.
wdt_ID Model Min Frequency Max Frequency Frequency (GHz) Max Current (A) RF Power (W, CW) Voltage (V) Typ. Ins. Loss (dB) Housing Type Connector Type Quote