Your colleague Baoli Tian identified some problems with our power measurement equipment, but he succeeded in getting a good load pull shortly before we needed to return him to the airport. We both learned a lot about what and how we use the Focus tuners, which is a bit unique. He is a great asset to your team!


John Soliday

Microsemi RF Power Products, Oregon



I would like to warmly thank you for your support, your help and your reactivity. Thank you very much for all you have done. It is always a pleasure to work with Focus Microwaves team!


Floria Blanchet

STMicroelectronics, Grenoble



I take this opportunity to wish a very Happy New Year to FOCUS team. You are doing a very good job and it is my pleasure to be able to work with experts like you.


Long Lay, RF & HF Test Engineer

United Monolithic Semiconductor, Paris



Hi Christos/Neven,

We appreciate such creative solution provided to us. I have sought consent from management on your proposal. You may proceed with development/production of the top hat suggested if the shielding effectiveness of EMI, noise and light are good for up to 67GHz.


Best Regards,


Loo Xi Sung




“Focus’ innovation, professionalism, due diligence, and care of clients triggered our collaboration in the design of novel high-frequency noise measurement system to be best suitable for the characterization of the state-of-the-art semiconductor devices and innovated circuits for low noise applications.”


Professor Chih-Hung (James) Chen

McMaster University, Ontario, Canada