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Focus Microwaves’ RAPID digital tuner is the heart of a precision, high-speed, load pull device characterization system. The RAPID has been developed by Focus’ UK subsidiary MESURO and is suitable for every phase of the design and production test cycle. This series of new digital tuner products provide performance, reliability, and cutting edge features for a reasonable cost.

The RAPID series is compatible with the hardware and software of existing labs, thereby allowing users to easily upgrade their existing systems.

The RAPID can be used as a standalone impedance synthesis and measurement system, or combined into a hybrid solution when paired with Focus’ MPT series harmonic tuners. The passive tuners can be used to synthesize fixed harmonic impedances in a high speed fundamental active setup. With this modular configuration the user benefits from speed, increased tuning range for F0, CW, pulsed and modulated signals while reducing cost and simplifying the system.

RAPID employs CCMT & MPT prematching technology, protected by the following patents: 9,459,336 / 9,213,056 / 8,497,689

RAPID uses exclusively our proprietary technology, protected by the following patents: