Focus Microwaves’ DELTA series of electro-mechanical tuners is designed specifically for high frequency on wafer measurements. The tuner’s low profile allows it to be placed within the wafer perimeter and allows for a direct connection between the probe tip and the tuner, eliminating all possible insertion loss between the DUT and the tuner. This revolutionary new tuner design enables the engineer to achieve optimum tuning range, with a tuner whose footprint and weight has been dramatically reduced.

Key Features

  • Unmatched Wideband Frequency Coverage
      • Fundamental & Harmonic Load Pull (20-120GHz)
      • Noise Parameter Extraction (20-120GHz)
  • 1mm Direct Probe Connection
      • Best in class tuning range
  • Reduced Impedance Skew for Modulated Signals


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Traditional Tuners with Cable

DELTA Tuners

Delta Tuners

Model Min Frequency Max Frequency Type
wdt_ID Model Min Frequency Max Frequency Type Datasheets
3 C-5060 DELTA 6.0 50.0 Fundamental
4 C-5080 DELTA 8.0 50.0 Fundamental
5 C-50100 DELTA 10.0 50.0 Fundamental
7 C-50200 DELTA 20.0 50.0 Fundamental
8 C-67100 DELTA 10.0 67.0 Fundamental
13 C-110240 DELTA 24.0 110.0 Fundamental
15 M-5060 DELTA 6.0 50.0 Harmonic
16 M-5080 DELTA 8.0 50.0 Harmonic
19 M-67100 DELTA 10.0 67.0 Harmonic
23 M-110240 DELTA 24.0 110.0 Harmonic


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