• Part Number: PHD220-30
  • Max Voltage (V): 220
  • Max Current Pulsed (A): 30
  • Max Current DC (A): 5.0
  • Max Error: 0.01%
  • Max Power (W): 1000
  • Min Pulse Width (ns): 1000
  • Max Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF):
    •  20 KHz @ 200 V
    • 80 KHz @ 100 V
  • Min Output Rise/Fall (ns): 60
  • Test Port Connector: BNC (f)


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Introducing Auriga’s 5th generation pulsed IV/RF characterization system delivers unparalleled performance,
capturing measurements with incredible speed and accuracy. Pulsed IV (current-voltage) measurements have
emerged as the preferred method of capturing current-voltage characteristics of active devices such as field effect
(FETs) and bipolar junction (BJTs) transistors. With the growing popularity of higher-power devices, like GaN HEMTs,
LDMOS, SiC, and graphene, current and voltage requirements are constantly being pushed higher and higher.

Introducing Auriga MEM™

Auriga MEM™, Auriga’s newest pulsed IV function, enhances current resolution to an industry-leading 0.01% of
maximum current. Using Auriga’s advanced calibration algorithms and an external Keysight digital multimeter (DMM),
Auriga MEM brings the DC measurement plane directly to the device under test.

Key Features :

– Provides extraordinary current resolution of 0.01% of max current.
– Provides temperature independent measurements, allowing for accurate measurements impervious to environmental temperature changes.
– Maintains calibration integrity for a longer period of time.

These key features enable the AU-5 to achieve the measurement accuracy and repeatability needed for tomorrow’s demanding devices.