Modular High-Power Pulsed IV Generator


• High power capability: +/- 200V, 17A.
• Minimum pulse width: 200ns.
• Modular design which enables multiple configurations.
• Shared library. The MPIV can be used as a standalone instrument using an ActiveX library, which
easily integrates into existing test software.
• Flexible Input/Output. Choose between high power and high precision pulse modules to create a
customized setup for your specific application.
• Compatible with Focus Microwaves’ device characterization software (Load Pull Explorer, LPEx).


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The MPIV pulse generator is designed for pulsed I-V (current, voltage) characterization of semiconductor
devices. It is also well suited for applications requiring high current and precision current and voltage
pulses. The Drain Pulse Module (DMP) uses an external high-current supply while the Gate Pulse Module
(GPM) has an internal high-precision voltage supply. Additionally, the MPIV can be synchronized with an
external or internal trigger.

The DPM is the core of the system. Its internal microcontroller uses precision Pulse Width Modulation
(PWM) modules with complementary outputs and programmable dead-time in order to generate and
synchronize the pulses for both drain and gate bias. The pulse width is adjustable from 200ns to 2ms; pulse
repetition rate from 500Hz to 1MHz, with a maximum duty cycle of 50%. Two internal N-channel
MOSFETs within the drain module support voltages up to 200V and currents up to 17A. Both the pulse and
quiescent bias voltages are delivered via external DC power supplies thereby making the MPIV a
customizable modular solution. The DPM is controlled via USB interface.

The GPM operates as a slave module controlled by the DPM. Internal precision Digital Analog Converters
(DAC) are used to adjust the gate voltage in the range of ±10V, with a 5mV resolution. The output buffer
amplifier delivers up to 100mA.