New Patent: Method for Calibration and Tuning with Impedance Tuners

May 31, 2019


An impedance synthesis method for single and multi-probe high resolution slide screw impedance RF and microwave tuners employs a fast calibration algorithm, which creates appropriately distributed calibration points over the Smith chart and a second order interpolation algorithm between calibration points, optimized for best suitability to the natural behavior of the tuners. The fast tuning algorithm uses a general search in order to identify the closest calibrated points, followed by a gradient search using fine interpolation grid in order to reach the final target. The method is applicable, after proper data preparation, also to double and triple probe harmonic tuners. The method allows tuning accuracy as high as -60dB, or deviation-from-target vector distance of 0.001 units on the Smith chart, whereas absence of the fine grid interpolation typically yields accuracies of the order of -20 dB, or a deviation-from-target vector distance of 0.1 reflection factor units.

Filed: 7 February 2011

Allowed: 16 December 2016