IMS 2024 in Washington D.C.

June 18, 2024

Our booth 439 will feature system demonstrations of our advanced microwave and RF solutions, including:
  • 2-67GHz Broadband Noise Parameters Extraction Solution:
    • Focus Microwaves’ 2-67GHz Noise parameter extraction solution, using the latest E29 option by Keysight, stands as the industry’s most broadband on-wafer solution.
  • DLP – Dynamic Active Load Pull Solution:
    • A versatile, all-in-one solution for CW and pulsed load-pull, S-Parameter, and DC IV characterization.
  • RAPID VT – Wideband Active Load-Pull Solution:
    • The Focus Microwaves RAPID VT digital tuner supports the latest 5G FR1 and IEEE 802.11ax standards, offering up to 1GHz active load-pull bandwidth capability.
  • D-Band Noise Parameter Extraction:
    • This cutting-edge solution enables precise on-wafer measurements of active circuits operating at millimeter-wave frequencies, particularly in the challenging D-Band spectrum.
  • Tri-State Pulsed IV:
    • Focus’ Tri-State Pulsed IV system is the industry’s only commercially available solution allowing for both isothermal and iso-dynamic state (constant trapping state) measurements characterization.

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