Decision of Appeal Court on MPT Patent (US 7,135,941)

May 31, 2019

On September 14th, 2012 Maury Microwave challenged the validity of Focus’ US 7,135,941 patent (filed in May 2004, valid for 20 years).

The patent claims a three carriage/three independent probe automatic tuner and the calibration method thereof, commercially also known as the MPT Technology.

After a three and a half year legal argument the US Patent Office Court of Appeals decided, on April 22nd 2016, that the key elements of the original patent, i.e. the calibration method and the three carriage tuner combined with the calibration method, remain valid.

We have been supported in this contest, beyond our own experts, also by external scientists, who know about our work, and who certified that the MPT technology has been an important invention, all on a purely voluntary basis, for which Focus is grateful.

The proceedings are public domain.

If any one is interested to peruse them, please contact me for access.

The MPT multi-carriage harmonic tuning technology remains, technically and legally, a Focus exclusivity.

Christos Tsironis

President & CEO.