2017 Accomplishments

May 31, 2019

MPT-110200 (Harmonic Tuner)

Model MPT-110200 tunes independently three harmonic frequencies in the range 20-110GHz. Tuner performance is optimized at 28-56-84GHz (5G).

Active modulated & harmonic tuning


Focus Microwaves’ RAPID digital tuner is the heart of a precision, high-speed, load pull device characterization system for wideband modulated signals. The RAPID has been developed by Focus’ UK subsidiary MESURO and is suitable for every phase of the design and production test cycle.

High Power Coaxial Tuner Technology

Wideband and harmonic high power tuners use critical RF components optimized for low insertion loss and manufactured to prevent corona discharge. An air cooling system is incorporated to efficiently dissipate heat and maintain optimal performance in the kW CW range power.


High Precision, high Reliability 1200V Pulser Technology

The PHD3100 allows investigating the industry’s most advanced high-power devices. Leveraging recent breakthroughs in component and pulser-circuit technology provides unparalleled speed, accuracy, and resolution. Dynamic on-resistance of the latest transistors can now be measured with 0.5% current precision.