Focus’ main disruptive advantage is Innovation. Starting in 2000 Focus now owns 72 patents and has another 26 patents pending, all on various tuner types and associated calibration, tuning and measurement applications.

In the process Focus has invented all new tuner types, beyond the traditional single probe wideband impedance slide screw tuner known since 1985:

The Harmonic Rejection Tuner               (PHT)

The High Gamma Prematching Tuner  (PMT)

The Frequency Selective Tuner              (FST)

The 2 Frequency Harmonic Tuner         (MPT-Lite)

The 3 Frequency Harmonic Tuner         (MPT-Classic)

The 4 Frequency Harmonic Tuner         (MPT-Quattro)

A line of Low Frequency Tuners, the LFT’s (10-250MHz)

Since 2015 Focus also owns 3 Mesuro patents on active tuning technology.