Harmonic Tuners 0.4GHz – 29GHz

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The two carriage harmonic tuner (MPT-Lite) can reach very high VSWR (up to 200:1) and can tune at two random frequencies. The MPT-Lite is a direct development of the high gamma two carriage pre-matching tuner (PMT) introduced in 2000.

The development of the harmonic tuning technology for the three carriage harmonic tuner line (MPT) in 2004 led to the assumption, that a two carriage tuner could also tune two arbitrary frequencies, inside the tuner coverage band, fully independently. This, not immediately obvious  assumption, was proven in hundreds of cases experimentally, because, up to now, there is no theoretical analysis linking the number of reflective probes to the number of  independently tunable frequencies, in particular because MPT probes are wideband.  Nevertheless Focus technology allows 2 wideband probes (MPT-Lite) to tune independently at 2 frequencies (harmonic or not), three probes (MPT-Classic) to tune at three frequencies and four probes (MPT-Quattro) to tune at four frequencies.

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