Focus Microwaves, together with MESURO, specialize in controlled non-50Ω RF, microwave and millimeter-wave testing. Many test engineers are not familiar with the implications of this operation. Under high reflection conditions low loss transmission lines exhibit unfamiliar high loss and error sensitivity. Inherent multiple reflection phenomena, while elsewhere undesired, are here the core of the operation and, because of their complexity, cannot be easily mentally processed.

Therefore the Focus Group has issued a wealth of over 170 application and product notes as well numerous articles and seminar presentations on all aspects and background of our technology. Together with the patents and the operation manuals this documentation data base allows deep understanding of all angles of non-50Ω measurement technology.

This section presents our latest product brochures, the application notes and product notes we have created over the years, as well as the articles that have been published about our groundbreaking technology in the world of non-50Ω measurements.