A Basic “on the Bench” System Installation includes:

  • Verifying the functionality and performance of all components delivered
  • Explaining the basic operation of the tuners
  • Calibrating of the VNA using TRL and verifying the Cal
  • Calibrating the tuners and verifying their performance on the VNA
  • Calibrating the setup and verifying
  • The overall accuracy using Back-To-Back (B2B) method (Load Pull)
  • The linearity using Pin/Pout (Load Pull)
  • The Receiver Calibration (Noise)
  • Performing basic measurements on DUT’s
  • Graphical Data Processing
  • Instructing the Customer to execute the above points by himself.
  • Reviewing the results and establishing an Installation protocol to be signed by Focus and Customer.

Advanced “on Wafer” System Installation includes:

All items of basic installation “on the Bench” System, and

  • Mechanical installation and verification of system integrity on wafer station.
  • Repeated measurements on a THRU Line to verify system mechanical stability


  • Verification using passive standards
  • Noise model extraction and comparison with measured DUT parameters
  • Additional noise parameter extractions and discussion

Load Pull

  • B2B (Back-To-Back) verification on wafer
  • Advanced DUT measurements per Customer request
  • Development of User-defined instrument drivers
  • X-parameter training (if purchased)