Compact Modeling

The Focus Compact Model (FCM) utility is a streamlined software package designed to be used with Focus’ AURIGA high-end pulse system,  that is used to generate Compact Models for transistors from their Pulsed-IV and wideband pulsed s-parameter data.

This is achieved by generating a network of lumped circuit elements that represent accurately the fundamental linear & non-linear behaviour of the device over a broad range of bias and power range.

The result of the modelling is a netlist and compatible with- the most common CAD tools used in RF Design such as AWR Microwave office (MWO) and Keysight Advanced Design Studio (ADS).


Key features of the FCM:

  • Linear and Non-Linear Compact Transistor Model Extraction of III-V materials (GaN HEMT or similar model).
  •  High frequency FET model parameters from a combination of DC and S-parameter measurements.
  •  Gate-lag and drain-lag trapping.
  •  Basic thermal model extraction.


 Linear Model:
8 Extrinsic parameters (RG, RD, RS, LG, LD, LS, CPG, CPD )
8 Bias dependent Intrinsic parameters (RGD, Ri, CGS, CGD, CDS, GM, RDS, & Γ)

Non-Linear Model:
NL Capacitances CGS & CGD
NL Current Sources IDS
NL Diodes DGS & DGD
Export Capability to ADS and MWO.