Focus Microwaves is happy to welcome you to EDI CON China 2019. Visit us at booth 421 to discover our latest products:

Visit our Technical Presentations:
Session 111: Monday April 1st; 1:45 – 2:05:   Active Modulated Load Pull
Session 132: Tuesday 2nd; 10:00 – 10:20:   Effect of Harmonic and Baseband Tuning on Linearity
Frequency Matters Theater: Tuesday 2nd; 13:30 – 14:00: 110 GHz On Wafer Tuners


DELTA Tuners for On-Wafer Measurements

  • Fundamental and Harmonic tuners from 10 to 67GHz and up to 3F0
  • Extremely small footprint with direct probe connection to the DUT
  • High VSWR and optimal tuning range
  • Integration possible on most existing probe stations


OMEGA Tuner for 5G

  • Fundamental tuning for 5G from 25 to 60GHz
  • Extremely small footprint and weighs less than 1 lbs (500 grams)
  • Direct probe connection for high VSWR on wafer testing


RAPID Active Load Pull

Mesuro’s Rapid load pull system that includes:

  • Fundamental, Harmonic and Modulated
  • Time Domain Measurements
  • Ultra-fast Load Pull
  • Behavioural Modeling
  • Up to 40GHz
  • 100MHz of Modulated Bandwidth


AU-5 Next Generation Pulsed-IV System with 2000V Drain Pulser Head

Auriga’s new Pulsed-IV system that includes:

  • Compact Modeling
  • New and improved Graphic User Interface
  • Easy to use assembly
  • 2000V Drain Pulser Head





Focus Microwaves: Booth 421