FDCS (Focus Device Characterization Suite)

Includes everything a test engineer needs to fully characterize his transistors from 10MHz to 110GHz in power and noise.

      • Beyond traditional Noise and Harmonic Load/Source Pull, FDCS also supports Tuner and Fixture (TRL) calibrations, Time Domain Load Line acquisition, Pulsed IV and Load Pull and Active feedback Power Injection operations (for Γ ≥ 1).
      • The measured data are processed graphically into 2D and 3D plots and are converted into popular simulator formats (ADS, AWR etc.).
      • The FDCS user unterface includes many many improvements and optimizations to make load pull and noise measurement easier.
      • The software has ActiveX control for controlling MPT tuners in any ActiveX compatible platform.


FDCS Contour Overlay


FDCS Noise Measurements – Wideband Noise Parameter Display


FDCS S-Parameter Display


AURIGA Software Platform for Pulsed-IV Measurements


RAPID Mesuro’s Active Load Pull Software – Calibration