The Auriga AU-5 software is used to perform pulsed IV (current-voltage) measurements. The software provides:

  • A simple, updated user interface and new chart display.
  • Fast calibration of the Auriga pulsed IV system.
  • A preview of pulse settings before application.
  • Easy pulse timing adjustments on the oscilloscope display using a mouse.
  • The ability to perform accurate pulsed IV measurements on FET and BJT devices.
  • Easy switching between different test scenarios (Id vs Vd, Id vs Vg, etc.).
  • A display of results in real time as they are measured.
  • The ability to compare different measurement test runs.
  • Pulsed S-Parameter measurements with a VNA
  • The ability to remotely control the Auriga pulsed IV system by another programming environment or with Focus’ FDCS software.
  • Easy swapping of pulser heads or instruments and detect changes with the click of a button.

Auriga CSV S2P file


Auriga Oscilloscope