About Us

History of the Companies

The Focus Microwaves Group comprises Focus Microwaves Inc., Mesuro Ltd. and Auriga PIV Tech Inc. They are All Engineering and Manufacturing Corporations based in Montreal (Canada), Cardiff (UK) and Merrimack (USA) respectively.

Focus Microwaves Inc.

Focus Microwaves is a pioneering engineering company. Built around the innovations of its founder Dr. Christos Tsironis who developed his first manual tuner in 1973. He is the inventor of most existing electro-mechanical tuner families. The success of Focus is based on the engineering and manufacturing skills of its highly motivated and experienced team of engineers and technicians, who have been trained and encouraged to develop new technologies. In addition, listening to our customers needs and insights helps us discover and develop new measurement methods on an ongoing basis. We are relentlessly pushing the limits of what is possible.

From humble beginnings in 1988, Focus has become the main supplier of advanced Load Pull and Noise Tuner Systems. Our mission is to provide effective, reliable and innovative solutions for non-50 Ohm testing (Noise and Load Pull) of RF microwave transistors. Our goal is to enable our customers to compete in the marketplace with better designs and to advance the understanding and knowledge of the field.

Mesuro Ltd.

Mesuro’s technology has been developed as a result of over a decades’ research at Cardiff University’s renowned Institute of High Frequency and Communication Engineering. The Institute was founded by Professor Paul Tasker in 1997 and has grown rapidly to establish an international reputation in the fields of non-linear measurement systems, device characterization, and circuit design. The Institute works with many of the leading companies in the RF communications field to address significant technical challenges through fundamental research. In January 2015, Focus Microwaves acquired Mesuro Ltd, taking sole ownership of the shares, IP, load pull and modelling technologies of the organization.

RAPID: Mesuro Active Load Pull

CM+: Mesuro Behavioural Modeling

Auriga PIV Tech Inc.

Auriga Microwave has been a Focus partner for many years. Focus has installed several load pull systems including the high-end pulser systems of Auriga Microwave, which completed and enhanced the economic pulser line (MPIV) of Focus. In February 2015 Focus acquired the Auriga Microwave component lines (220-600V and 1200V IV pulser AU4750 and AU4850 and all high power bias tees). The Focus Microwaves Group supports, manufactures and delivers these products from its new US office in Merrimack, New Hampshire, under the name AURIGA PIV TECH, Inc.

Pulsed-IV: Auriga 4850 P-IV systems

Bias Tees: Auriga High Power Bias Tees